Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zoo

Fun Field Trips to the Zoo!
There are two wonderful memories I have with Kaleb at the Zoo. One was when his father and I were still married and we took Kaleb to the zoo for the day. It was his first experience and it didn't help that we tried putting him on the hot sculpture of a lion for a photo-op. The second memory is probably my favorite, it was only a few years ago and the school I had been working in at the time, and Kaleb's school had field trips to the zoo on the same day. It was great timing! I got to spend some of Kaleb's field trip with him and we had a wonderful time! I couldn't say if Kaleb ever had a favorite animal - I know he was bombarded by a couple puppies through the years and that could have turned him off to animals. My old cat use to lay in his bed with him, Kaleb would play with him with his feet and Smokie wouldn't move (unless he'd had enough or Kaleb got upset). I think Kaleb preferred the time with the people he loves.We were so blessed that we were able to give Kaleb the experiences and the life that he did get to live. Never take life for granted!!