Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kites

April - National Kite Month

Having a birthday in April I have received trinkets and gifts associated to the month. Usually this involves a raincoat and umbrella, much like it's neighboring months of May and March, April proves to have the seasonal spring weather of rain and winds. So, it only seems natural that April would be associated with National Kite Month. According to the National Kite Month website, one of the first documented acknowledgments of kites was in 200 B.C.; the Han Dynasty would fly kites to measure distance. We learned in school how Benjamin Franklin flew a kite to experiment with electricity. And who doesn't know the lyrics to Mary Poppins "Let's Go Fly a Kite."

Kites With Kids and Safety

Making kites with kids is a great activity, there are so many great art crafts and creative ways to make a kite. Click here to discover and learn how to make kites. I would suggest promoting kids to think of what materials they would like to make their kite out of. It's a great opportunity to explore and experiment and they'll have fun trying different things too. This way they learn what works best and what doesn't work. Make sure to explain kite safety, to learn more about kite safety, click here.