Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge has come to a close. In reflection it was an amazing experience. Each of my four blogs gained new subscribers, as well as increased activity within the comments sections, which is always a huge plus. This was the first year that I participated Faith Warrior, it's a more personal blog for me. Where the other blogs have a more specific focal point, here I can write about what is closer to my heart. This was the inspiration for the challenge - I tried to write about something that I considered important or true. I'm not sure what next years challenge will bring, if I should focus on a more defined theme or not. I did like writing about the different scriptures and pertaining to what was discussed for each letter. I might refine this more for next years challenge to stay true to the Faith Warrior title. The first year I participated in the challenge I focused on subscribing to the blogs that were on the blog hop, so that I could connect with other bloggers and work on my networking capabilities. This year, once I found bloggers that were actually participating (actively posting in coordination with the challenge) if I wasn't subscribed already, I made sure to connect via social media, and made sure to leave a comment as well. I feel like each year that I participate I learn something new. For instance, next year I plan to participate in the reveal; before the challenge actually starts you reveal the theme that your blog will be posting about. Also, withe the official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Reflections; it's a blog hop (sign-up) and it's like the last little hurrah after the challenge to share in the experiences. Even though I didn't sign-up this year, I still posted my reflections and I plan on visiting the blogs in the hop too. Either way - it's a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend for any blogger/vlogger or what have you.