Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xi

In looking for something to write about for the letter "X" challenge in the April Blogging A to Z Challenge, I originally thought like "X marks the spot" or something else. When researching words I came across Xi, which means the cardinal number for 10 (X) and 1 (i) which would mean 11. My son Kaleb would have been 11 this past October, he passed just before his 11th birthday. He died on October 6th, 2013 and his birthday was October 28th. We were planning on having a Baltimore Ravens themed party for him. His Aunt (my sister) and I were starting to brainstorm great ideas and thought it was appropriate that we have the party on his birthday weekend because it was our home-team's bi-week. Besides, Kaleb loved us routing for the games and how crazy we would get - "the crazier the better" - I could just hear him say (not that he could talk - but he esp'ed it to me). Instead, our family got together and I got 11 read balloons. We all wrote messages to Kaleb and then went outside and released them. On the notes attached we wrote about Kaleb, the message of love, and about his awesome smile.

I think there are only 10 balloons in the picture because 1 had popped