Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Opinion Equality Marriage

Equality Marriage
Societies Trouble For Today
My Opinion ~

In the Bible marriage was enacted for procreation. It literally says in the Bible if you are going to have sex then enter into marriage with that person. If not, then it is better to stay single. It does say in the Bible that it is a sin for man to lay with man. Yet, Jesus died so that we are forgiven of our sins. God knows our plight with sin and living in our flesh, it is why he sent his only begotten son to save us. I do support gay marriage because God says that above all else LOVE. 
Love should not be discriminatory and there are different kinds of love. I think the fight is for the gay community to be able to legally reap the benefits of marriage. LEGALLY means nothing to God - He is the creator, that would be like telling the President that he has to go clean the gutters or something trivial. Law is a fly that God swats at. The Bible does tell us to obey the law, because God wants us to be honorable, yet humble. However, ultimately - this is not for any of us to dictate what the true meaning of marriage is. 
I support gay rights because I love people who live that lifestyle - I don't agree with it - but, I love them. I am not gay, so I can't understand it. I am not going to be prejudice because of differences. The arguments are a testament to the character of humanity. God doesn't make mistakes, so if someone is born and they love the same sex, then did God make a mistake in creating them? Or is he putting an obstacle in the path of society? There has always been confrontation in one way or another. The mistake is in attempting to control every aspect of our lives; including other's lives. The Bible says that Jesus died so that we can LIVE. So, live and let live, I say. When love is in your heart, that is God's touch.
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