Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adventures In Life

February 22, 2013

As the shortest month in the calendar year, it has been the fullest for me.  Working hard in the beginning of the month going through “Going off Dreams,” originally I had written the parallel realm that was reflective of my own life and experiences.  However, I chose to take out my life and create a new story line.  I can always save my testimonies and experiences for another book.

I have been working really hard trying to ‘put my book out there’.  I monitor and post a variety of different networking sites.  Constantly posting about my book; the other day I posted in reference to such, and commented that ‘I hope that my excessive posting is not annoying anyone’.  To my surprise, the comments advised me to continue posting and self-promoting.

The capper for this month was last night.  I have battled with kidney stones before (my father and sister both have had them in the past too), this week I had been in pain (more than usual) and finally last night I knew exactly what the pain was from.  Dealing with kidney stones in the past, I knew the symptoms, and the kind of pain I was experiencing.  I might have mentioned in a previous posting how I have PTSD – well, hospitals sort of freak me out!  So, I do not go unless absolutely necessary.  When I could no longer endure the pain, my boyfriend drove me to the hospital.

Six hours, I sat in excruciating pain.  Honestly, I can say that this visit was the worst.  I am no stranger to hospitals, processing, and procedures.  It was upsetting to have to sit in an uncomfortable seat (while in pain) for over three hours.  Even when we did get called back to a patient room, we did not see the nurse for another hour.  The doctor came in before the nurse did.  They confirmed it was a kidney stone from the scan that they did. 

After the nurse administered various medications, I felt much better.  My mom met up with us at the hospital so that my boyfriend could go home to rest (he had to work in the morning).  We were in the room for approximately two more hours before being discharged… which, after the nurse was finished with my discharge paperwork and as they were leaving the room I reminded them about the strainers I have to urinate in, trying to catch the stone.

Having to be up all night is very wearing on your body.  There are plenty of nights where I have to stay up with my son because the night nurse had called out that night, or for whatever reasoning.  However, pain will exhaust you as well.  I was beyond tired, as soon as I got into bed I was out!  I even slept for more than four hours in a row! That’s great for me!

So, this has been a short example of the adventures in life.  What did you think?

Until next time, or the next… dream!


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