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Helping Special Needs Families

If you are a parent with a special needs child with mobility issues, then you should definitely check this out. There were a couple times when I tried going grocery shopping with Kaleb; there I was trying to maneuver Kaleb's wheel chair and a shopping cart through aisles and obstacles. Most people just stared, a few would come and talk to us, mostly people just minded their own business. Let's just say there's a reason why I couldn't take Kaleb with me grocery shopping. BUT! A genius has changed those circumstances. I really wish I had known about this before.

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There are so many things that I love about these carts! I love that the handles open up so that you can put the individual with special needs in. I was wondering how this would work when I first looked at some of the images that are on-line. I also love the hooks on the sides of the cart. Kaleb had extra equipment that had to go with him everywhere we went. This would make hanging his bags somewhere easier without taking up more room in the cart. The only issue is that they were bulky and I don't know how easy it would have been to maneuver through the grocery isles. Another great feature is the bottom platform where the individual can rest their feet. The only problem I think I would have had with this was Kaleb trying to kick my shins (not on purpose of course!) but, he always loved to kick! I know he would have loved this and we could have included him in our shopping trips.




It seems like there are more and more articles and information surfacing about the tragic slashes and cuts that our Government keeps delivering to our troops and Veterans. Do you see our Government cutting any of their benefits? Of course not. It's not acceptable that soldiers, who are fighting their wars, are treated so poorly. Why does it seem like the military, who are already sacrificing so much, continue to sacrifice what little they have left? It's time we take a firm stand and let our Government know that they can't treat people this way... while they are living lush lives, those they send off to fight their wars are suffering more than we know.

What incentive is there for any further generations to sign-up to join the military when the Government keeps abusing them? With the current battle over minimum wages rage on, McDonald employee's are demanding more pay. While most troops earn minimum wage? Someone in our Government is smoking some serious crack if they think this is o.k. I don't think a person working at a fast food establishment should be making more than the men and women who have to go overseas, leave their families, face unimaginable horrors... and I'm sure we can't even begin to fathom other things that the brave have to face.

It is so easy for us to live our busy lives, sleep in our comfortable beds at night and not think twice of those comforts. How have we come to have such security in our American ignorance? We are secure because of those men and woman who have protected us and continue to do so. Veterans have died serving our country so we have the right to practice our religion, for our equality, and to oppose forces who have extreme prejudices. Troops right now are carrying out their tours and missions in cultivating what America believes in - the right to perspective freedom. Yet our Government appointed officials continue to keep them buried beneath their well groomed shoes. How is this practicing integrity or honor... which lets face it, those two words haven't been associated within our Government for a long time.

It's NOT o.k. that inmates in prisons and jails get three hot meals a day, while our troops overseas get only two. What Government is telling people is - go ahead and break our tedious laws, we'll send you to jail where you will have access to health benefits, food, a roof over your head, and you can even further your education while 'serving your time' in jail. Meanwhile, our troops overseas sleep in extreme conditions, could come home missing body parts, and now those serving in our military in Afghanistan have to eat MRE's (meals ready to eat) for breakfast? Whoever signed the order to take away hot meals for our troops continue to prove that they are selfish whores selling out. Why are the individuals in Government that have sworn oaths to protect and work for the people, continue to destroy what so many have worked so hard to build and protect. Have we become so complacent in our society that it's more acceptable to look away, to turn the other cheek (repeatedly)?

Not to mention that nearly 4% of the American population is on welfare, compared to to 1% serving in the military. Again, the Government has an askew concept and are conditioning people to accept hand outs and to be fed like little guinea pigs. Those on welfare get debit cards with their monthly allotted amount that they can freely spend at any participating store. I understand that there are definitely some individuals that do need the help, but there is an entire culture that have been groomed and take advantage of the system too. The checks and balances are definitely not working...

Where has our respect and honor gone in our nation?


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Click on the link(s) and write to your Senator about the injustices that 
are tired of and won't continue to tolerate.


The Washington Times/During drawdown, Pentagon cuts cooked breakfast for some troops in Afghanistan

Example of my submission:

"Please help me to understand something. Why does our Government continue to demonstrate negative reinforcement with our society? I am highly irritated that Soldier's benefits continue to be taken away from them! How can you deny men and women that are fighting Government wars overseas a hot meal? It could be their last. This is highly offensive. I see people that continue to abuse welfare and live better than those serving in our Military. Prisoners even get three hot meals a day. Where has the integrity and honor in our country gone?
I am interested in what you have to say about this. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
A Offended Civilian"

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I first sent my e-mail to Senator Miklski (Maryland) the same day that this was originally published (5/23/14) and six days later on the 29th I received a reply e-mail. At first when I was reading through it I thought it sounded like lip services. So then, after more consideration I decided to look up her voting stats to make sure what she was saying was the truth. All I have to say now is that I am glad that there is a bull dog in there fighting for our men and women who are fighting to keep up safe. Below is the letter I received:

Image captured via e-mail - link
Dear Ms...... :

Thank you for contacting me regarding veteran provisions contained in the Bipartisan Budget Act (Public Law 113-67).  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

I absolutely agree with you.  I believe we must keep the promises we have made to our veterans. We can do this by giving them the same quality of service they gave us, and by providing them with the care they deserve.  That's why I fight hard every year for significant increases in funding for the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) and its vital programs. 

Following passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act, Congress passed and the President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-76).  As Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I fought hard to cancel the reduction to COLAs for working-age disabled veterans and survivors of departed members – and the spending bill did that.  This provision is an important down payment toward restoring full COLAs for all military retirees.

On February 12th, Congress passed the Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act.  This legislation restored full pension benefits for veterans and their families.   We must honor the sacrifices our military men and women—and their families—have made at home and abroad.  We can do this by making sure that they have a government on their side and that promises made are promises kept.

I have also fought to put money in the federal checkbook to improve the veteran's health care system so that wounded and disabled warriors get the care and benefits they need.  I have worked to ensure veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) receive better diagnosis and treatment through the Defense Department and the VA.  I have also championed the establishment of Centers of Excellence to better address PTSD and TBI to meet the needs of returning veterans.

Members of our armed forces and their families make tremendous sacrifices in the name of national security.  That's why it is imperative that our nation, as you have stated, provides them with a quality of life which allows them to take pride in their service.  I will continue to fight for funding and care for our nation's veterans because I believe that America has a duty to honor the commitment to service that members of the military have made, both past and present. 

Thanks again for contacting me.  You can count on me to continue to fight for quality veterans' services.  Please let me know if I can be of help to you in the future.

Barbara A. Mikulski
United States Senator 

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What Should A Grieving Parent Be Referred As?

Spring 2003
When contemplating Mother's Day this year, it is with a lot of pain and trepidation. It's been seven months since my son passed and just the thought of facing this day (last weekend and all week) has been hard. There are no time constraints or limits for grieving and it hits me sometimes out of nowhere. When I am around others is the most challenging because I never feel that I can show vulnerable emotions, such as crying. Attempting to control the emotions within this grieving can be like swallowing a glass full of nails at times; only leaving me feeling more drained. Either way, I haven't been looking forward to this Sunday. Through out the year there have been challenges, many holidays I managed to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas (thanks to my support around me). My birthday was very challenging, which surprised me. I finally figured out it was because Kaleb has always been with me on my birthdays and I remembered all the times we spent together. And now, this Sunday is Mother's Day, last weekend when this revelation hit, it was like a brick wall collapsed on my chest. Instantly I was upset and just had the mental picture of being at Kaleb's grave site no. This Mother's Day my son is in heaven. He never could verbally say "I love you Mommy", he might not have been able to put his arms around me to give hugs either, but his smiles were confirmation of his love. So this Mother's Day I will remember those smiles.
Summer 2013
telling myself "Happy Mother's Day". I've read various things about how there are no terms for a parent that has lost a child; simply because words cannot begin to form or describe within the spectrum of the loss. Then there is the question of whether or not I would still be considered a mother. This was quickly resolved; yes. I will always be a mother. When worrying about facing this weekend my mother suggested that I should be happy and celebrate my son. However, I have found that most suggestions are easier said than done. The best advice is just to take one day at a time. It's o.k. to say "today's a rough day" and you don't have to explain yourself. I've always been an open book, so if someone asked me something (no matter how personal) I would answer them. I figured I don't have anything to hide. I still would like to consider myself that open-book, however with maturity I know that I have the right to say no.

Mother Mary

Contemplating the day we celebrate mothers, I had a slight epiphany: Which I'm sure it is addressed in sermons, however it is a great distraction for me to consider Jesus' mother and how we should all celebrate the mother of our salvation - right? Today, hearing about a young woman having a child out of wedlock is nothing, but back in Mary's day it was considered a high offense. She had full faith in God that he would see her through what He was bestowing upon her. I like to consider this the soul of the mother (and you don't have to have given 'birth' to be considered a mother). The soul of the mother is that unconditional Godly love, the sacrifice of yourself for another soul. Mary knew she would would be chastised for becoming pregnant out of wedlock (it was a capitol offense). She remained faithful to God and He saw her through it. I often have thought about how she must have suffered as a mother, knowing her son was going to face great opposition; still she remained faithful upon the Lord. How horrid it must have been for her to watch her first born be crucified before her; still she remained faithful upon the Lord. To me, she faced so much and clung to her faith and He was with her. Never doubt the possibilities of a mother!!

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The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge has come to a close. In reflection it was an amazing experience. Each of my four blogs gained new subscribers, as well as increased activity within the comments sections, which is always a huge plus. This was the first year that I participated Faith Warrior, it's a more personal blog for me. Where the other blogs have a more specific focal point, here I can write about what is closer to my heart. This was the inspiration for the challenge - I tried to write about something that I considered important or true. I'm not sure what next years challenge will bring, if I should focus on a more defined theme or not. I did like writing about the different scriptures and pertaining to what was discussed for each letter. I might refine this more for next years challenge to stay true to the Faith Warrior title. The first year I participated in the challenge I focused on subscribing to the blogs that were on the blog hop, so that I could connect with other bloggers and work on my networking capabilities. This year, once I found bloggers that were actually participating (actively posting in coordination with the challenge) if I wasn't subscribed already, I made sure to connect via social media, and made sure to leave a comment as well. I feel like each year that I participate I learn something new. For instance, next year I plan to participate in the reveal; before the challenge actually starts you reveal the theme that your blog will be posting about. Also, withe the official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Reflections; it's a blog hop (sign-up) and it's like the last little hurrah after the challenge to share in the experiences. Even though I didn't sign-up this year, I still posted my reflections and I plan on visiting the blogs in the hop too. Either way - it's a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend for any blogger/vlogger or what have you.