Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lifting Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

When my son was born with special needs, I knew we were in for challenges, having worked within the Special Ed. field.  Once Kaleb was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy after a traumatic experience, the challenges increased. The outcome of the emergency cesarean that was performed to extract Kaleb, resulted in further complications for my own health. Missing more than when I went into delivery (I am missing crucial abdominal muscles). The challenge now was in my lifting restrictions and the physical allocations of Kaleb's needs. I knew the logical step was to try to find a better adapted vehicle for his transportation.
At the time I had a lovely Chevy Cavalier that I had paid for myself, The only way we would be able to afford a van for Kaleb's needs, meant sacrifice. So, with much trepidation, I sold my car so that we could have a vehicle more accessible for Kaleb. When we looked into purchasing a vehicle (van) already adapted for his needs (including a lift for his wheelchair), the price was outrageous. I would have had to sell 10 cars! So, I did the only thing I could at the time, I wrote letters to organizations, pleading for assistance.
When my prayers were answered, it was more than what I had prayed for - praise God!
A company, Ride-a-way, was donating a lift for our family!!
As long as I live I will not forget their kindness and generosity, for not only did they give us a lift (well worth over $8,000 at the time) they did not charge us for installation! The van and lift are now retired, permanently rusting on my Uncle's auto body's lot. Almost three years ago, the van's engine gave out. Again, I was graciously blessed with help. An Uncle was very kind in reducing the price of an old work van, so that I would have a vehicle that could fit Kaleb's wheelchair in the back. Even now, since then, I have had to sell the van. We now rely on family and friends to help us get around. I dream of someday owning my own car again. But, for now - I will cherish the kindness that was bestowed upon my son and I.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers and Perseverance

These past few days have been riddled with emotions. Terrified for the individuals and communities that have to deal with the tornadoes that have caused so much destruction. Sadness for the lives that have been lost, and sorrow for the children that were taken too young, and those that will be scarred for life.  Watching the footage and pictures of the 20+ miles that were obliterated is gobsmacked and shocking. I couldn't even begin to imagine where you would start in attempts to rebuild and move forward.
It seems like it has been one thing after another here lately. The tragedy in Boston and now this tragedy in Oklahoma. Many often ask why - why does God do these things? Through my studying of the Bible, Bible studies, and devotionals, I have learned that God wants us to enjoy our lives. I know that when my son was born with special needs I was very angry with Him. The epiphany was when I understood it is o.k. to be angry, He understands our pain and suffering. He loved us so much that He gave us free will - where He might not be able to prevent natural disasters and tragedies, He is definitely there to help us back up. Don't turn away from your faith or His Spirit because you might not understand, instead pray to Him about it, ask Him to give you peace and understanding.
My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tornadoes, we are a people of perseverance.
~ K.E.Nowinsky

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rainbow Represent

The view from my backyard
The weather in Maryland is always a little tricky. I saw this great farce on Facebook where red, white, black, and yellow each one represented a different season. Then, it showed how certain states had one or two of the colors in their respective state flag. But, Maryland had all four colors! How true! This week has been sporadic moments of sunshine with intense rain storms thrown here and there. What this can produce is a pretty fabulous rainbow, one of my favorite things about spring.
I didn't really understand what the rainbow represents until later in my life, after studying the Bible and reading about Noah. How God was angry with the choices we make and decided to unleash the fury of the floods. After, God promises to never destroy in this manner again and states that when we see a rainbow, this is to remind us of His promise to us. I think it should also be a reminder of our past and possibilities. When we weather the storm, when we demonstrate perseverance we are rewarded with the sweetness of the rainbow.
Growing up, I always loved being outside after a rainstorm, breathing in the refreshing air. The break in the barometric pressure releases our body from any tensions. Now that I am older and suffer with scar damage, the weather can affect the level of my daily chronic pain. After the rain, you can feel the firm grip of pain release and not only can you breathe in fresh air, but you can take a break from the intensity.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Faith Warrior
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Faith Warrior
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God Wipes Our Tears

"The LORD All-Powerful will destroy the power of death and wipe away all tears" Isaiah 25:8 (The Learning Bible, Contemporary English Version)

Something I learned just recently, within the Bible when the word lord is in all caps (LORD) it refers to God, and when the first letter of the word is capitalized (Lord) it is referencing Jesus. Something else that I need to get off my chest, it is more of a pet peeve; when people spell God without a capital letter. This is just disrespectful to me, they may not know, but it just makes sense to me. Then again, maybe they do not or have not read the Bible to know. This is why spreading our knowledge of God's will and messages is so important!
Isaiah 25:8 when you dissect the verse you can get a better understanding. Basically, the beginning states that God will destroy the power of death. To better understand this, we should understand where death's origin was and what it means within the Bible. Death was a result of the miscommunication and deceit in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. When I read about Adam and Eve within the Bible, my understanding and interpretation was different from what had been lectured to me growing up within the confines of our societies version of 'church'.
In the Garden of Eden, God had blessed his creation Man and Woman with the luxury of each other along with a completely different paradigm that we are use to. What we know as dangerous animals were able to live together in peace.  However, man (Adam) wanted the knowledge of God, which in the Bible is representative of the golden fruit. God told Adam that if he ate from the fruit he would have unlimited knowledge, but God told him not to do this or they would fall out of favor with the LORD. God told Adam to make sure Eve was aware of this, because she was not with them while they discussed these matters. Not following through with what God instructed Adam to do, Eve unaware of God's decree, Eve came across the golden fruited tree.
The serpent within the Bible has been representative of Satan, the fallen Angle of the LORD. Cunning as Satan was, he manipulated Eve into taking a bite of the fruit of knowledge (think of the fairy tale Snow White). Adam wanting the knowledge of God did not object (in other words, he didn't need his arm twisted). The transformation was evident (this was also the first sin), Adam and Eve felt embarrassed that they were in their birthday suites (why pictures have them covered by leaves or such). Adam was cursed with having to work for his life. Eve, since she was the first to take a bite He cursed her with painful childbirth and bleeding (menstrual cycle). God also explained and initiated Death. I think that God shakes his head in disbelief that after all this time, men and women still are cursed with deceit and lies (miscommunication).
Death in the Bible is not depicted as 'going to heaven' or 'hell', but an eternal rest (which God only truly
knows, if He wanted us to have this knowledge, then we would know - until then, the Bible's interpretation). My question has always been, that since our brains are complex and mysterious, if after we die that we then are in a different conscious realm until the time God returns. Which, I then theorize that Heaven is a mental state. When God returns to His creation, Earth; He will then resurrect His followers to live eternity on earth without pain and suffering. I don't know about you, but this gives me a real sense of hope for the future.
Earth is a gift from God
This gives me such hope, something to look forward to; living without pain and suffering. As someone that does currently live with daily chronic pain, this is a breath of fresh air. When I cry because the pain is too intense, I think of God wiping my tears away forevermore. I can't remember what movie, but I remember someone referencing how God collects women's tears in jars and counted in heaven.
Rebuke defined is an expression of sharp disapproval or criticism. So, what this verse also communicates is how those individuals that are not believers and criticize or judge other's for His governing laws will be taken away from the earth. They will no longer spread the negativity like the plague upon the earth. God is saying that he will wipe away not only our tears, but those that cause the tears.

"He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall be taken away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it." Isaiah 25:8 (King James Version)

My cousin Michelle taught me a wonderful insight into the will of God, recite to yourself: smile, God loves you! Smiling is an infectious positive influence that does not cost anything and can benefit others. We may have times where we are sad and cry, when we produce tears of joy, and tears from pain. Knowing God's will helps me to endure this pain and smile through it. It gives me the courage to face this life, knowing His will be done, and look forward to His time here on earth.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky