Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rainbow Represent

The view from my backyard
The weather in Maryland is always a little tricky. I saw this great farce on Facebook where red, white, black, and yellow each one represented a different season. Then, it showed how certain states had one or two of the colors in their respective state flag. But, Maryland had all four colors! How true! This week has been sporadic moments of sunshine with intense rain storms thrown here and there. What this can produce is a pretty fabulous rainbow, one of my favorite things about spring.
I didn't really understand what the rainbow represents until later in my life, after studying the Bible and reading about Noah. How God was angry with the choices we make and decided to unleash the fury of the floods. After, God promises to never destroy in this manner again and states that when we see a rainbow, this is to remind us of His promise to us. I think it should also be a reminder of our past and possibilities. When we weather the storm, when we demonstrate perseverance we are rewarded with the sweetness of the rainbow.
Growing up, I always loved being outside after a rainstorm, breathing in the refreshing air. The break in the barometric pressure releases our body from any tensions. Now that I am older and suffer with scar damage, the weather can affect the level of my daily chronic pain. After the rain, you can feel the firm grip of pain release and not only can you breathe in fresh air, but you can take a break from the intensity.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky