Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Testimony In Life: Family First

What happened to the morals within American Traditions? 

It truly frightens me that we as a society keep a blind eye to what is happening around us. We relish in our ignorance of what is going on around us. We have fallen into the indifferent and lethargic pit of going along with the crowd. Mind you, the crowd is in line, the line leading to slaughter.

Have you ever thought or considered why this is?

Society is a strategic process of control in place to manipulate every one of us to comply and to follow the rules. Who makes those rules? Oh, that's right - the politicians. Politicians that are more harmful as human beings than the individuals who are locked away in jail cells, who have been tried and committed of crimes. Politicians definitely commit crimes daily, they're just not tried for them. You know, like the adultery laws... they're there, just not implemented. Why is that? Because the people writing those laws and enforcing those laws would have to live by those laws. 

My point being - it is really upsetting me how strategically Thanksgiving has become a time within this continent that we don the title "Black" to represent sales and Thanksgiving is left at the table side - cold. No! Thanksgiving is a time that you spend with loved ones. It is a day out of the 365 days of the year that we sit down and talk about, share, and learn about Thanksgiving. It is how we teach and pass on to traditions to the younger generations.

Now - we teach them that the importance is not in cherishing and spending time with family - but to be selfish and go in a desperate search for the better deal. No wonder past generations are turning into more selfish, more money hungry, more greedy human beings. I get that people want to save money, but at what cost?

When did Black Friday become Black Thanksgiving Thursday?

Retailers have happily opened their doors to let the stupid and ridiculous in. It's more money in their already fat pockets. Meanwhile and ironically, you are there to save money, while the person working is sacrificing to make money. It's a vicious cycle that must stop. I understand wanting to give your family that special item. Isn't that why Black Friday was originally started? It was the day after the holiday when you could go and start your Christmas shopping. I know growing up I went without. My parents gave us what they could and we grew up understanding the importance of earning what we wanted. If we teach our children how to respect life and earn things, they understand the importance of hard work and dedication. If we give them everything then what are they learning? That they should be given everything, then it becomes expected.

Enough Serious - We Need A Laugh

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