Friday, October 10, 2014


"Fat" Person Social Experiments

If you don't agree that it is more socially acceptable for a male to be overweight than a female, watch these two video's posted by Simple Pickup and then share your opinions. "Fat Girl Tinder Date" received over 11,967,762 views against "Fat Guy Tinder Date" receiving only 6,940,949 views. The social experiment takes an socially acceptable (thin and beautiful or handsome) individual and post pictures of themselves on a dating site called Tinder. Then, when they meet their dates they look quite different from their pictures. The actors put on fat suits and go on these dates and the different reactions are interesting. Some are just down right mean though. As a person that has battled weight all my life, I found the video's very hurtful. I've never lied to men but, I can testify the different treatment.

Societal Double Standards

I get really frustrated with how many movies, television shows, and everything else in our society where it is socially acceptable that a large (overweight) male can be with a thinner or healthy woman - but, when do we see an overweight female with an healthy or thinner male in societies eyes as acceptable? Just like these two video's - women are much nicer to men than men are to women in reference to their weight. I get it, there are some other levels that the men could have been disgusted with (because they were deceived). All but one male left the overweight woman. Where all the women stayed for their date with the overweight male. By nature statistics show that women are more empathetic and nurturing and I'm sure this is proven here as well. However, watching the first video really gives me no hope for humanity.

Watching some other YouTubers videos and podcasts referencing weight, when they talk about themselves being "fat" it's not as derogatory and as negative as when they are stating to weight with women. Why is it such a crime to be overweight as a woman - but, men can be overweight without all the social flogging?
I recently listened to one podcast last week where they were talking about how much women are crucified for their looks and now this week they make stupid jokes about women and their weight. I don't like to leave negative comments or else I would have told one of the podcasters to look in the mirror. But, whatever. It's one of those things like many other prejudices, until society changes ... but, can society change?

Closing Comment

This isn't the first social experiment, I've seen other examples of models and famous people putting on the fat suit and they are always astounded by the mistreatment they've received. So, this isn't anything new by far. However these boys that have created this YouTube channel and titled it Simple Pickup is more of a channel about their attempts at hooking up with women with no respect given to the opposite sex. You would almost hope that they are attempting practical jokes but, no - they are really showing us how crazy the dating scene is. That's not true, the only respect they have are for their dicks and the apparent STD's they are attempting to contract. There are some great videos that you should show your daughters as a horrific warning of what to avoid and to not engage in their attempt at social behaviors. It's also very disturbing to see how this generation conducts themselves - total disgust. They can keep their herpes. I'll stay fat and happy - far far away from them!! :)